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House of Cool is looking to grow our team!
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Position: Pipeline Technical Director
Term: Full Time, Employee
Start Date: June 2020
Annual Salary: TBD

About Us!

House of Cool is the leading studio in animation for Pre‐Production throughout the world. Together with our clients, the House of Cool team has worked to design stories and craft some of the worlds coolest Animated Series and Feature Films such as the up coming productions: Spies in Disguise (Disney/Fox) and Maya and the Three (Netflix). House of Cool has also worked on Next Gen (Netflix), Ferdinand (Fox), The Book of Life (Fox), Rio 1 & 2 (Fox) and many more productions!

Our Mission is the bring families and audiences together through the development of unforgettable animated characters in feature films and series. We look to achieve this through our creative and professional talents that make up the growing family at House of Cool. We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer providing training and workshops to develop skills and values necessary for artists to thrive in our dynamic and awesome industry.

About the Pipeline Technical Director


  • Maintain and review best practices for network pipeline practices
  • Work with our IT department to maintain the infrastructure and functionality of all IT systems in accordance to the size and needs of the company
  • Be the first line of defense on the content side when a technical problem arises and work with artists and to ensure their work meets technical requirements.
  • Advice and support on infrastructure set up and workflow for pipeline in studio with a remote workflow in mind
  • Design workflows and tools to improve the performance and efficiency of any of the studio departments
  • Test the new tools before their deployment into production
  • Develop and maintain department manuals and training materials for all artistic production positions
  • Look for efficiencies in 2D preproduction pipeline, with an understanding of both 2D and 3D pipelines
  • Create, organize and lead training sessions for the team members on the tools and techniques chosen and follow-through that they are being well used throughout the project
  • Produce a technical reference and/or technical constraints document, keep it current and communicate it so that the team can refer to it when required
  • Troubleshoot and debug broken artist workflows quickly
  • Check in frequently with artists to ensure they are unblocked and workflows are operating smoothly


  • Proficiency with multiple industry-specific software packages (Maya, Blender, Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Flix, Shotgun, Avid, Premiere etc.)
  • 3+ years experience with animation production teams, experience on a CG series preferred
  • Has experience as an artist in some capacity as therefore a strong understanding of both the artistic and technical aspect of production
  • Has strong communication skills to facilitate conversation between multiple departments
  • Patience is a virtue

2 References Required

Only those considered for the position will be contacted