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House of Cool is looking for a Senior Designer/ Concept Artist
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Position: Senior Designer/ Concept Artist
Term: Full Time, Employee/Freelance
Start Date: March 2021 - Sept 2021
Annual Salary: $104,000 - $156,000

House of Cool is the leading studio in animation for Pre-Production throughout the world. Together with our clients, the House of Cool team has worked to design stories and craft some of the worlds coolest Animated Series and Feature Films such as the up coming productions: Spies in Disguise (Disney/Fox) and Maya and the Three (Netflix). House of Cool has also worked on Next Gen (Netflix), Ferdinand (Fox), The Book of Life (Fox), Rio 1 & 2 (Fox) and many more productions!

Our Mission is the bring families and audiences together through the development of unforgettable animated characters in feature films and series.  We look to achieve this through our creative and professional talents that make up the growing family at House of Cool.  We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer providing training and workshops to develop skills and values necessary for artists to thrive in our dynamic and awesome industry.

About our Senior Designer!



 Produce Feature quality Location Design Concepts and Beat boards based on briefs from the Director.



  • Previous experience of 5+ years as a Designer or Concept Artist of Features productions
  • Strong digital art portfolio.
  • Superior sense of color and composition relating to 3D production.
  • Strong understanding of Photoshop.
  • Capable of adapting to various styles.
  • Positive attitude, dedication, and ability to communicate collaboratively with directors and producers.
  • Work with Director and Art Director to design in the style of the Feature
  • Collaborate with Art Director and design team to maintain consistent look for the Feature
  • Demonstrate commitment to creative collaboration in a time-sensitive environment
  • This position is open to all applicants, but must be able to work on EST time zone.


Send resume and portfolio link to Drew Ng at

Only those considered for the position will be contacted.