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House of Cool - Summer S'Cool Workshop
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Position: Storyboard Student
Term: June 03-Aug 23
Start Date: June 03, 2024
Annual Salary: n/a

House of Cool is going to run our Summer S’Cool Storyboard Workshop from Jun 03 – Aug 23, 2024! 

In-person at our Toronto studio, 5 days a week Mon-Fri, with no hybrid or online options offered. We want to be face-to-face with you! 


It’s going to be all about storyboards, storyboards and more storyboards, the House of Cool way!  

House of Cool is the leading studio in animation for Pre‐Production throughout the world. Together with our clients, the House of Cool team has worked to design stories and craft some of the worlds coolest Animated Series and Feature Films such as: Spies in Disguise (Disney/Fox) and Maya and the Three (Netflix). House of Cool has also worked on Next Gen (Netflix), Ferdinand (Fox), The Book of Life (Fox), Rio 1 & 2 (Fox) and many more productions! 

We will cover ‘How to do a Script Breakdown, Creating Thumbnails for you and for a Director, Roughs and Clean Up of your drawings, Pitching your boards, How to adapt to different genres of projects, How to think about Story, Dialogue, Action, Comedy, the Visual Language of Storyboards, Series and Feature differences and similarities, and of course the Commandments of Cool’, which is our very own philosophy on how to succeed as a Story Artist! 

This course is geared for those who are new to storyboards, and also artists who have a few years experience in Story and Revs and want to expand upon their skills. 


Taught by: 

Drew Ng – Head of Education at House of Cool – 25 years experience as a storyboard artist and supervisor and teacher of our own Storyboard Workshops and ECAS Storyboard Education program.

Ji Kim – Education Manager at House of Cool, over 10 years of experience in Production managing and organizer of the House of Cool Storyboard Workshops and ECAS Storyboard Education program. 


Software: Storyboard Pro 


Cost: CAD $ 3,616 ($ 3,200+HST)


Apply with a portfolio and resume (which can be on your website). Applications will end on Apr 12, 2024, and successful candidates will be notified by Apr 26, 2024. Payments/deposits will be expected within 10 business days – by May 10, 2024 – to secure your spot in the workshop. Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted for further steps in the process.


*Disclaimer – This workshop is not an accredited program, and you will not receive any academic credit for completion of the course.